Won’t Back Down – The Attacks Keep Coming

This new Hollywood anti-union propaganda film will be stirring up lots of commentary as it spreads throughout the nation.  Rather than comment on it’s distortions, I’ll offer two links to other sites that do a great job of identify the problems with the film.

The first comes from Professor Mark Phillips, who writes for Edutopia.  His article Won’t Back Down: An Engaging and Misleading Film includes a few additional links to expand on his thesis.

One of those links is worthy of a direct mention on it’s own.  From the newly formed and still struggling Save our Schools organization, this posting illuminates the agendas and funders who are promoting the anti-union, anti-public school movement in considerable detail.  They are also the funders behind Waiting for Superman, which was a similar distortion of educational reality.  Articles On “Won’t Back Down” The Film and “Teachers Rock” Concert

These are good reads, and shed light on some of the behind the curtain groups who are most influential among those who constantly attack public education and public educators.